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Our field trips are typically (but not always) scheduled for the weekend following our monthly meeting.  Field trips not only offer good subject matter for your camera, but odds are, you can learn something from your fellow club members.  Our field trips are usually to a destination in the Houston area, like Brazos Bend State Park, or  Nelson Water Gardens, but sometimes they are to other scenic areas in Texas requiring an overnight stay.

Participation in our workshops is another avenue that enables our members to learn about photography as well as produce some quality images.   At our workshops, you will learn about the various aspects of the field, such as portraiture, close-up photography, and still life lighting techniques.  Some workshops provide hands-on training in digital topics or certain photographic special effects.

Workshops are held at 7pm on alternating fourth Thursdays of every month except for November and December; and are usually (but not always)  at the Tracy Gee Community Center at 3599 Westcenter Drive.  This is the same location where we have our meetings.  See map below.  Please see our newsletter for schedule information.
A great way to learn more about photography is to participate in our workshops and field trips.
In the past, our February trip has been to the birder's paradise,  Rockport, Texas.   Other overnight trips have included the Calliham Unit of Choke Canyon State Park, in south central Texas.

As they provide opportunities for shooting interesting or beautiful subjects, participation in field trips can help shooters capture some excellent images.
"White Lotus with Bee"
© 2018  Jane Ashley

Image was captured during one of our field trips to Nelson Water Gardens
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